Make Your Special Day the Stuff Dreams are Made of

Take the pressure off and choose a destination wedding of dreams in Phuket. Using the sparkling ocean and tropical greenery, Andara is an idyllic Phuket Wedding venue offering a picturesque backdrop for your special day. Seamless service that adds a touch of Thai elegance and plenty of charm to create the perfect celebration of love and an occasion guests will never forget. Family and friends will find the ideal accommodation in either our suites or villas, resulting in the right location for your wedding.


Make Your Special Day the Stuff Dreams are Made of

Bask in the joy of romance with a delectable wedding feast complete with a customized wedding cake and a champagne toast.

Andara Spa will melt away the anticipation of the big day with a pampering and relaxing spa treatment that will have the bridal couple re-emerging relaxed and ready for the big day.




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