Hypno-Meditation Classes





Featuring licensed hypnotherapist Aldo Privlieggi, for a very special experience.  Andara welcomes our visiting practitioner from Hong Kong, who can help realign our inner selves to gain the self-awareness necessary to heal ourselves.

Introduction to Hypno-Meditation

02 January 2023 | 9am – 10am | Andara Resort Pool
30-minute hypnotherapy class included 
Complimentary for in-house guests (limited to 10 people*)


Hypno-Meditation Group Session

02-07 January 2023 | 5:30 – 7:00pm | Andara Fitness Centre

These hypno-meditation emotional well-being sessions are designated to guide guests to overcome psychological challenges and enhances their life through exploring feelings and memories hidden from their subconscious mind.

THB 1,500++ / 60-minute group class (10 people maximum*)


Private Hypnotherapy Session

Available by appointment only 12-4pm, 2–7 January 2023
THB 4,500++ / 90-minute session


*Reservations are essential for all sessions, please contact ext. 6400 or email [email protected].

* Prices are subject to 10% service charge and 7% VAT.

About Aldo Privileggi



Aldo is an intuitive licensed hypnotherapist with a broad international experience. He has worked in the UK, USA., Australia, China, Hong Kong, Bali, Singapore, and others, in a journey of learning, growing and sharing. He is the author of “Man is Moving Beyond Sickness”, a book full of tools for the transformation of oneself.

“The focus is on the root of the issue, we are not interested in treating symptoms, they will naturally clear by themselves.”

Most of today’s physical and emotional issues – from insomnia, to anxiety, addiction, cigarettes or alcohol – have direct root causes in areas of the mind that are deep and sometimes unconsciously hidden. Aldo works with an understanding of those areas through hypnosis, guiding and connecting the patient with his or her own source of wisdom and in this way triggering an inner transformation.

In his practice of hypnosis, Aldo combines a strong foundation from years of training in all fields of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, with his sensitive intuition and ability to understand an individual’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical energy body. His special intuition allows him to go very deep in his exploration of the subconscious and his years as an experienced hypnotherapist provide him with the tools to effectively assist and help unleash one’s full potential.

Through hypnosis, Aldo is able to induce a state of profound relaxation in which people “open” their subconscious mind to his exploration. Surprisingly, he goes right to the source of the problem, naturally handling sensitive emotional and personal issues and vulnerable areas with ease and comfort. In this way, he is able to reach breakthroughs and results over a very short period of time.

Aldo’s strongest ability remains in separating out what is worthwhile supporting from what he calls the “beliefs”, that are rooted in the subconscious but are of no further use to one’s well-being, if not the direct cause of the condition.

“When we are aligned within, naturally our outside world will align automatically.”

Through this method and principles, he has touched and transformed the lives of thousands to take ‘action’ and produce ‘real results’. His sensitive and empathic nature have made him an extremely successful and powerful hypnotherapist and healer.